The games I play (Guild Wars 2)

The game I play is called guild wars 2. I play guild wars because I like it and its like a little escape from reality and its addicting you level up and fight enemies. I love the game because its one of the best MMOS on the market. It has flaws but it also has its amazing catching points. the game is massively multiplayer Online meaning there are ALOT of people playing it online. the main basis is that your a rookie hero that won a tournament and you have to reunite the team of legendary heroes to fight the elder dragon who is corrupting the world. there are plenty of alternate stories that come with whatever race you chose for your character. You can also choose what type of class or load out you want to be. you can be a ranger, warrior, guardian, and a couple more. the class you choose determines the weapons you can use and the abilities you get. You can get different armors and weapons. there really are no rules except, anything racial or like hacking the game is prohibited but other than that its a free for all so you go around doing various events and missions unlocking your story mode further and further until the end of the game. there is so much to do in that game you can easily play that game for over 1000 hours and not do everything.

Job shadowing reflection

I learned that it doesn’t take that much to get the job, I want to be a computer engineer and service technician. I also learned what a typical day would be like in the computer shop. I learned that i not only really need to broaden my horizons on exactly what i really want to do with computers whether it be game design or its coding I’m not exactly sure yet. i know i want to things with computers. It’s really a nice feeling when you fix your computer and get it running smooth knowing you did it. i think i overall did pretty well on the presentation but i feel like i could of did a lot better had i actually planned out what I was going to say. i think if i would have made eye contact i would have been a little less awkward. i really got nervous and felt like i was stuttering a lot. I felt like i almost didn’t know the words on my PowerPoint. i really needed to elaborate a lot more. i also needed to pace myself A LOT better. i overall thought i presented in a timely manner. i also got right to the point and didn’t fluff anything up. i liked the mock interviews it wasn’t really professional but it was definitely fun and prepared me for other interviews down the road. It definitely helped me get a job because i was ready for the interviews. i think that you should definitely keep doing these interviews. i really liked the projects and everything we did for it. i really liked job shadowing and seeing what my career really looks like. i enjoyed everybody that i worked with on job shadowing. i got a job and it’s not anything near what i job shadowed and it won’t be anything that i really want to do for a long time but i really liked this project

Mock Interview Reflection

When i interviewed a classmate, I felt that nobody took the interview seriously. It definitely was not aexactly the most professional interview either. whne i was interivewed i felt like the interview was a joke and that i shouldnt really take it seriously. i feel like i had very good responses, i felt like i  had solid and decent responses. the advice id give to someboduy is definetely practice. practice makes perfect. i wen tinto my first interview not to prepared and i nailed it but oi was studdering and a little nervous. Confidence is key and an employer. In a real interview i would act as if im not at all nervous and im confident. i try to talk a little slower and maske sure alll my words are slightly thoguth out before i talk. i try not to fluff things up and get a little more to the point. I think making students go one on one with you wouldve made it alot more believeable. Trying to be serious with another peer. i liked the idea lot and think that kids need to be able to conduct themselves in a proper manner. Kids need to practice this for a future skill to be successful in life.

Medical Marijuana

The current law on the illegal sticky icky gooey ooey has been revoked and Illinois passed a bill to build medical marijuana dispensers in Illinois. the bill states that you need a licenses for medicinal marijuana. the dispensaries can not be within 1000 feet of a school or  governed building.  I think that its going to be a good idea, the profits and tax on it could help our state a lot. it could also help a lot of people that have terminal illness. you cannot grow your on and sell it. Cultivation centers are restricted to be a certain place and you would have to jump through hops to be able to grow. There is going to be 22 cultivation site and 60 dispensaries permitted in Illinois. This mean there could be one within every 100 miles. I think there is going to be a lot of raiding happening at the cultivations. I think that there is going to be a lot of precautions that the dispensers are going to do. I believe there is going to have to be armed guard everywhere. This could definitely be a profitable business though. The bill will be in full effect around late 2015.  This could be a good thing and a bad thing.

First Impressions

My first impression of the twelfth night was that the play was going to be really bad and not fun ny and super serious but its turned out that the play is actually funny and entertaining.sir toby and sir andrew are the funniest i also think that the joke that was played on malvolio was equally funny, i think that the who love triangle is really nice it adds a bit of seriousness to the play and a sense of humour as well.i think the play is very nice and i think that i will come to enjoy the play alot more. my view on the play has changed alot. i think that it will be as good as romweo and juliet.i know that its not nearly as popular but i think it will be around the same level of enjoyment. i really like the play so far and would like to read more of shakespear.

Advice for Future high school Students

My advice for future high school students would be too…. GET GOOD GRADES. I have my parents all over me about my grades so my gpa goes up and I have a chance of getting into a good college. Grades are everything. Another piece of advice would be to get involved with your school! make it a better place to learn and to be able to expand your skills and knowledge. Don’t let somebody ruin it for you by limiting you to doing something protest or make signs or do whatever you need to do to get what you think is right. My final piece of advice for future high school kids would be to stay in school. I know things get tough and you feel like you cant do it but you can! its not hard you just have to find your groove for high school. once you find how you want to do your high school years it will be smooth sailing but shoot for the moon! don’t let things stop you form being successful.

Plan Testing

This week my school started the PLAN/ACT testing. I participated in the PLAN testing. it was pretty nerve racking going into the test because your score pretty much reflects what your going to get on the ACT. I really hope I get a good grade for this test. It felt and seemed very basic and easy. It almost felt like it was just common sense for most of the test. We have a reading, English, math and science portion to the test. its really only the basic 4 subjects. I have heard that next year when I take the ACT test it will be a significantly harder test. You really have to pay attention to how the questions are worded and how the answers are worded as well. I’m almost positive that I got at least 2 questions wrong because  I didn’t read them all the way through. The science was the hardest for me, they didn’t give us enough time they gave us 25 minutes for 30 questions. I had to go back and double check the experiments to make sure I was answering the right question. Overall, I feel like I should have did a little more practice than I had done  but other than that I feel I did very good.

Friday The 13th

We all know the superstition that on Friday the 13th we could possible be killed by Freddy or Jason. Well I for one believe that its entirely coincidental that people die on Friday the 13th.  Things happen coincidentally and its extremely weird that a lot of bad things. Do you personally believe in the whole thing? I have always like the Friday the 13th movie and all the assortments that come with it. If Friday the 13th is just the day of bad luck and death im going to stay in. overall I don’t believe in anything that has to do with Friday the 13th.